No fancy Lingo here. Just GCA offering three packages to highlight one of the most important days of your life. I don't want you to just watch it I want you to relive it. I mean because not only is it fun for you, its fun for me too. The goal is to make a complete awesome art piece for you. What makes Grand Chief Attractions different from any other vender is our Movie style edit. Wouldn't it be cool to watch your whole wedding  day like classic romantic movie movie?


Film is incredibly democratic and accessible, its probably the best option if you want to actually change the world, not re-decorate it."- said Banksy. 

Grand Chief Attractions also specialized in capturing other events. Ranging from behind the scens, fashion shows, birthdays, etc. The motto when it comes to commerical work is four simple words. Your brand our mission. Did I forget to mention the goal is to make a total awesome art piece for you. Truthfully I want to promote your brand the best way possible, Not to just make money but to build a comfortable relationship that you want to work with me second time.